My mother had simply had a mini-stroke (TIA) and my kinswoman on my father’s aspect had simply told ME that “all of our family dies from one thing heart-related”. i used to be sitting in my doctor’s workplace being debriefed on my annual work tests, and my doctor was educating ME on the link between a rather elevated cholesterin count, elevated triglycerides, and my fresh discovered (and perilously high) CRP (CRP) biopsy.


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I’d ne’er detected of CRP…and still many folks haven’t. it is a fairly new product that tracks what percentage very little blood clots your blood is creating. It’s Associate in Nursing indicator of chronic inflammation. Your serum globulin scores ought to be down around .1 to 3. My serum globulin score was up to eight.3! Taking the new meds was a short-run preventive measure.

The doctor explained however the high CRP range works collaboratively to point risk once your triglycerides and cholesterin numbers area unit elevated too. By themselves, my triglycerides and cholesterin numbers were borderline high (and undoubtedly not ideal), however my serum globulin was terribly high…all 3 place ME in danger for heart condition, and most imminently, a stroke. i used to be over fifty, therefore all of this news was in line with the medical model of aging.

In lightweight of my mother’s recent mini-stroke, and also the undeniable fact that my papa had died from heart condition, the doctor told ME my condition was “genetic and unattainable to reverse, even with a far better diet”. If you have scan any of my alternative articles, then you already apprehend that his finding was my invite to defy logic! I had simply reversed my thyroid drawback therefore it appeared acceptable for my doctor to conjointly take me back to the fact that, “You cannot management everything!”

I was currently long-faced with exploitation statin drug, a polemical lipid-lowering medicine. statin drug is widespread as a result of it conjointly lowers cholesterin and triglycerides at a similar time that it helps your serum globulin numbers return down.

I in agreement to require one 10mg pill of statin drug, however at a similar time, here’s what I asked myself: “If inflammation is at the basis explanation for the action, then what am i able to do to cut back the inflammation?” i attempted diet; I scan books. I modified the maximum amount as I might, however primarily, I wasn’t able to move the needle for over a year.

Then, I heard Dr. Vern Johnson mention that he was operating with several serum globulin patients. he’s the doctor for the leaders World Health Organization run the XanGo Corporation in Beehive State. i used to be searching for concepts. we have a tendency to were already getting XanGo’s mangosteen juice in my unit. it had been serving to America manage my daughter’s persistent skin disease and also the inflammation that was ravaging her teenaged complexion. I started adding one ounce double on a daily basis, before work and once work. At a similar time, my doctor was pressuring ME to require 2 statin drug tablets on a daily basis.

I with all respect declined, and he aforementioned rebelliously that he’d be transferral it up once more in six months! exploitation statin drug, my serum globulin range was at .5 (in a secure range) down from eight.3. therefore i used to be near my goal, however not wherever I required to be nevertheless. My cholesterin and triglycerides were conjointly improved.

My doctor and that i had an influence struggle going, therefore after I came in six months to listen to concerning my newest blood tests, he caught ME off guard by speech communication that he would quit bugging ME concerning taking an additional statin drug as a result of “for no matter reason” my serum globulin had gone down. It was to .4! That meant (to me) that the XanGo was stronger than the Lipitor!

Now, I might see the goal clearly, therefore I additional a thousand daily units of fat-soluble vitamin to my set up. i might scan that it helps with curdling and CRP, too. If you pay plenty of your time within the sun on a day after day, this could not be a difficulty for you. however i do not, therefore I reasoned that taking the additional fat-soluble vitamin would possibly boost the results i used to be obtaining. (I get my vitamins from as a result of their product quality.)


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